Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So I have decided to add a new dimension to my blog by hosting guest bloggers! I would like for guest bloggers to offer alternative perspectives on topics that I have written about (losing touch with friends, adventuring to new places, hunting for jobs, finding companionship, etc.). 

Here is how it will work: 
-You review my blog and decide which one of my posts you would like to respond to. 
-Post the title of it here in the comments section of this entry, along with a link to your blog (i'll check yours out too!), and your idea for a response.
-I'll reply "sweet" "awesome!" "go on,write away!"
-Once you've written your response, you can e-mail it to me (i'll give you my e-mail address), ill review it and post it to my blog with the title being "Guest Blogger: (your name and/or blog title here)" I will also be sure to link your blog at the end of your entry so my readers can check your blog out!
-While I reserve the right to deny publishing a post on my blog after reading it, I am open to posting entries that contradict my own views as long as they are written in a knowledgeable and respectful way. 
-You are welcome to Guest Blog once, or several times! I would love to develop ongoing relationships with fellow bloggers!
-If I get super lucky and there is an abundance of fellow bloggers who would like to serve as a guest blogger on my blog, it may take some time for me to get your response up as I do not want to post too many at a time, but don't worry! Your hard work will appear on my blog, I am prepared to post one-three guest entries a week. 

The requirements:
-Must be a twentysomething blogger who is looking to connect with other twentysomething bloggers in a positive way OR must be responding to my entry with some sort of "wisdom" from having once been a twentysomething.
-Must include a link to the entry from my blog that you are responding to, in your response.
-Because I will be promoting your blog through mine, it would be lovely if you would do the same by informing your readers that you have a guest entry running on my blog in one of your own posts. Not only will your readers see my blog, but also the hard work you put into your guest entry!

I hope you're up for the challenge!!


  1. hey, there! i'd love to be one of your guest bloggers and to feature you in one of my blog posts ( i have a following of over 50 and it could possibly get your blog the attention it deserves). however, i'm a little confused as to what you want a guest writer to write about. and i'm not technically a twentysomething blogger (but will be in a few months), wasn't sure if that was a problem or not.
    hope to hear back from you soon :)

  2. Thanks so much! I'd love to have you as a guest blogger. Basically what I was trying to get to, was please choose to write about something that relates to the types of things I try to include on my blog. Pretty much a nice way of saying, if you're interested in writing about your favorite video game or the seven different ways you like to style your hair, this might not be the guest blogging experience you're looking for.

    No need to be a twentysomething (you're close enough anyway!), and you probably have seen from my posts I write about little things that make life worthwhile- with my twentysomething spin.

    I hope this helps-but no stress, I love your blog and I am sure whatever you come up with will be just perfect!

  3. I actually just came across your blog, so I'm not really familiar with the types of posts that you do, but I would be interested in being a guest blogger for you. I'm twenty something! :)


  4. okay, well even though i do enjoy writing about hairstyles and video games, i'll keep those things on my own blog :)
    i guess, i'd respond to "happiness is..." if that's okay with you :)


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