Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh, How I've Missed This...

I'm sitting on my bed, on the second day of summer, surrounded by flip flops, science experiments, books, coffee cups, presents, swimsuits, and a myriad of other things that remind me I should be cleaning right now. But instead, I'm curled up listening to Billy Joel and reading old Sneeze Posts, and guess what? While my writing feels super rusty, it feels amazing to just write for me again.

It was quite a year, and it's spilling over into what is shaping up to be quite a summer. A summer that will sure to be filled with fun, family, friends, and maybe even some summer lovin'. Plus some huge, life changing decisions that I'm still choosing to put off for now. I'm living in the moment, taking this summer day by day and doing a lot of day dreaming because it just feels right. So while this post is foggy, it is a start to me getting back to something I love big: writing; and now writing about what just might shape up to be the most important summer to date.

Back tomorrow for some clarity.

The Daily Sneeze ((or what's fueling the fire today))

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snuggly pups
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