Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Anything List

After I read my last post again, I started to fall more in love with the concept of an anything list. Essentially, it is a bucket list with a spin, a things to do in a lifetime list with a twist. But you must admit calling it an anything list makes it feel pretty magical. The thought of looking at this big list of "I can do anything" and then choosing the "something that will make me happy right now" feels way more promising and fulfilling than compiling a list of things I want to accomplish before I, well, die. It won't be disappointing if one of the anythings doesn't occur in my life, it just simply means it wasn't ever the something that I needed.  And that feels infinitely better to me than the thought of seeing a list with more items than check marks on it for most of my life.

So here is this idea, my Anything List. It is, like me and this blog, a work in progress. It is a living document that can forever evolve with me and my life. What it is today may not be what it is tomorrow, and what it is tomorrow may not be what it is next week. However, it is deeply personal and putting it all out there on Sneezeweed feels too invasive. I love my readers, and trust in your confidence, but if you know me well you know that deeply personal thoughts are not easy for me to share. But here are a few, not the whole list but not none of it either.

-California Bungalow
-Tennessee Apartment
-Brooklyn Loft
      (that much was easy!)
-Skydive at the Ranch
-Buy a big ugly van, paint it beautiful colors, and drive it to the pacific
-Ride in a helicopter
-Learn how to keep a vegetable garden, grow said garden, and preserve the summer crops to eat all     winter long.
-Be vegetarian
-Climb over the top of a bridge
-Move to a foreign country
-Learn to rock climb
-Have butcher block counter-tops, and chairs that don't match around the dining room table.
-Go on a yoga retreat

and oh yes, how could I forget...
-Live on a farm
-Travel the world

I have become so inspired by this idea that I added it to my pages! I can add and update anytime, and you can glance over too. I'd love to hear what's on your bucket list with a spin, your things to do in a lifetime list with a twist, your Anything List.

We all can do anything that we want to, we just need to settle on one happy something at a time...


  1. This is a great idea! I've wanted to start a Bucket List for a while but now I'm thinking about an Anything List!

  2. That is a fantabulous idea! and I love the "buy an ugly van and paint it beautiful colors"...I've always wanted to do that too!

  3. Love it!!! This might be a post I could guest post about on your blog...maybe...I'm thinking about my anything list right now :).

  4. So I wrote my own anything list! Linked to you.
    Check it out here:

    Let me know if you want to guest post it.


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