Friday, July 15, 2011

All I Have to Say.

After a day like today, long and hard. I needed a night like tonight. And let me tell you if you ever need a night to take things off your mind spend it with friends who understand. Love.

Monday, July 11, 2011

And Just When You Thought You Got Rid of Me..

I've spent a lot of time thinking about Sneezeweed lately, but not a whole lot of time doing anything about it. I still frequent blogger to check out all the amazing-everyday-people-writers out there and always feel guilty for not taking the time to drop on over into my own corner of cyberspace. But lately, that's just what I've been lacking: time.

I'm still twiddling my thumbs in my drab office on the second floor of a supermarket, and I still remind myself everyday that it's temporary even though sometimes it feels like this will be it. But I'm also endeavoring in others things these days too; and that's whats making life extra fantastic right now.

Some things are just meant to be. Some things just happen because they should, or they need to, or they don't need to but someone needs them to, or something like that. About a month ago I got a phone call from my favorite job I've ever had: Y Camp. I am a camp junkie. I spent summers frolicking in fields, playing sardines, catching bugs, tackling obstacle courses and hiking trails, making friendship bracelets, painting pictures while sitting on the edge of serene lakes, putting on cheesy talent shows, singing songs, canoeing, should I keep going here or do you get the point? I have enough of my own camp memories- some good, some bad, some bad turned absolutely hysterical- to fill ten sneeze-posts, and working at camp knowing I'm watching kids make their own camp memories makes me absolutely giddy.

After five summers at the Y I called it quits for that lovely nanny job last summer. Remember? And now with working for my family I really thought my camp days were over. But then one of those something-meant-to-be-because-someone-needed-them-things happened to me. Just when I thought I was doomed to spend my summer in a window-less office on the second floor of the supermarket, my Y called me up and asked me to come back as a part time director. Dare I say it? SCORE! And so really what I am getting at with this crazy camp tangent is that juggling two jobs, one that makes me feel all giddy, is that I am busy these days and I don't have a whole lot of extra time.

Then there was tonight. Tonight I was paroozing my favorite internet spots for a quick one liner, a feel-good quote. And well, I couldn't find one. Now I'm not one of those google "inspiration quotes" kind of people. I turn to other blogs, author's websites, and artist's projects for my one liner needs, and tonight none of my usual go-to spots had what I was looking for. I was frustrated, clicking in internet circles on my hunt. I finally thought about coming up with something on my own, which naturally lead me back here. And then, then I thought "damn I miss writing." And I do! So before I get all jumbled up and go on some more about my need for something creative in my crazed life, let me say this. If I can clear fifteen hours out of my week to devote to camp, something I love that makes me absolutely giddy, I can surely clear one or two hours to devote to writing, something that brings me solace and contentment.

And what do you know, the perfect one liner for my night popped up right here in this very post.

Some things are just meant to be. 
Some things just happen because they should, 
or they need to, or they don't need to but someone needs them to, 
or something like that.