Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Once Upon a Time Inside Room 9...

S walks up to my desk at snack time with a look that was a mix of shock and delight plastered on his face.

S: Miss T. I think I just had a vision from when I was little or something.
Me: What S? What do you mean?
S: I think I had a vision. I was eating snack. I can't believe it.
Me: What was this vision of!?
S: I think it was me when I was three. This is crazy.
Me: What were you doing?
S: I don't know it was dark, and kind of scary. But I was three... Miss T. I think I had a vision!
Me: Wow S. That is so crazy, how do you feel?
S: That was crazy. I had a vision... :::walks back to seat:::

Is it a full moon or something? 

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