Thursday, November 3, 2011

Once Upon a Time Inside Room 9...

P: Miss T. aren't you going to miss me when I go on vacation this month?!
Me: Of course I am!
P: Well, really I'm going on TWO vacations! I'm going to the beach now, and skiing in the winter. My Aunt has houses, well, like... all over the country. So we get to stay in really nice places for free! So I get to go on two vacations!
Me: Wow! You are super lucky! You're going to pack me in your suitcase, right P??
P: :::giggles::: Misss Teeee! :::walks over to seat:::
A: Hey P! You're going to pack me in your suitcase, right??
P: Nah, I think I'll pack Miss T.

Tropical Island, here I come!

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