Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little Bit of Show and Tell

I think I've professed my love for Dallas Clayton here before, but his most recent poem tugged on my strings a little harder than usual. As a notorious wisher-on-all-wishable-things, I'll just pretend this was written just for me:


I’d like a study done on ratios of wishes being made
to wishes being granted
and which god turns up more victories for the wisher:
coin fountains,
shooting stars,
stray eyelashes,
birthday candles,
The clock turning 11:11,
simple prayer.
Whichever is proven the most reliable
will be given a moment to rest
and give the others a chance to catch up.
Spread it around a bit so all the wishes don’t get spent
the same as fossil fuels.

- Dallas Clayton

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I love this! I wish on everything, too. He didn't put blue M&Ms on the list. :)


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