Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm off to Find Some Mountain Air

So I am going to keep this short and sweet...

My room looks like the third world war just occurred in it. There are clothes draped over my favorite chair, tangles of yarn covering my couch, boots and shoes littered in unmatched-pairs across the floor, and coats and sweaters piled high on my bed. The sewing machine and thread and material lying in the middle of the floor are making the walk from my overnight bag to the closet a near impossible task. And I wouldn't even dare think about trying to find a space on my night-stand to put my coffee cup down. But I don't mind one bit because I am tossing boots and sweaters and headbands galore into my big-blue-canvas-weekender and taking off to my little mountain town for three whole days.

I am going to dance and sing the nights away at P&G's, wander into the Bistro for breakfast, stroll through Peace Park with a cup of coffee, and stop in at my little Levi's favorite pet boutique for some yack cheese to bring home for him (and some for his friends too!). I am going to take in every bit of crisp mountain air that my lungs can hold and treasure it for as long as I can after. And I can't help but feel that something fantastic may come out of this mountain town weekend. Maybe something big, or maybe something really small; but I am pretty certain that I will have something wonderful to share with you come Sunday. Even if it is just about the killer breakfast I'm sure to have tomorrow morning...

Happy Weekend-ing everyone!

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