Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Beauty of Some Silence

After writing yesterdays post my mind was reeling. I wanted to know why I, someone who is usually pretty articulate, could not find smooth and meaningful words to describe my feelings.

entering the Mojave desert in Nevada
I wanted to know why I could feel a rush of energy surging through my entire body, but felt a comforting numbness in my mind.

I was frustrated by the fact that I was simply speechless...

there are some huge cactus in the Mojave
overlooking the Hoover Dam

Native American traditional dance at the top of the Grand Canyon
... and then I started sifting through the pictures from my recent trip to Nevada...

... and I realized that what I tried to describe in yesterdays post, was a pretty similar feeling to the one I had when I was standing at the top of the Grand Canyon not even a week ago.

me! at the top of the canyon
Speechlessness. I was so terribly taken back by the beauty of the natural wonder that I had absolutely no words. Only silence could describe just how amazing I felt in that place, at that time.

Suddenly it all made sense. Sometimes words just aren't big enough. Sometimes the only way to describe the beauty before you is to stand silently in its presence, thinking "I'm here, I'm here and this is perfect."

looking down at the mountains in Nevada from the plane
I'm here, I'm here and this is perfect...


  1. I love this post. This is how it felt the moment I held my children in my arms the moment they were born. I was speechless ( for the first time ever) and I felt exactly as you described...I'm here, I'm here and this is perfect! Beautiful pictures! Amazing how beautiful nature can be. We are taking the girls next summer and I can not wait! P.S. Thanks for the advice on my post. I responded but your email is not connected to your google account so it did not send it to you but the response is on the blog.Happy Wednesday!


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